Ways I Will Spend My $$$ Now That Obamacare is Secure...

 silly rabbit, healthcare is for humans.

silly rabbit, healthcare is for humans.

1. Pay for access to academic journals. Yeah, I know there's a student price; yeah, I know I can access most of the articles via my school's library subscription; but, there's something about having a hard copy of the journals (re: looking pretentious on the train whilst hitting on hipster boys who care about that stuff, and of course, hoarding.) 

2. Spoil my Chihuahua. Dude, have you seen his face! Similar to the upkeep of a trophy wife, I can now buy organic, eco-friendly, pretentious chew toys/ dog food for my pup, of course, so long as he keeps up that cute mug of his. jk, I totally heart him for his 'character'.

3. Put a moratorium on my burrito diet. Now, that I will continue to be covered by Obamacare I can stop my self-enforced $5/a day burrito diet (for fear of having to pay $$$ re: birth-control should Romney have won) and resume shopping at Farmer's Market's. 

4. Graduate School. Yay! That $200 a month I used to spend on anti-depressants can now go towards buying my books BEFORE the semester starts! Or maybe, I'll be able to afford to re-take the GRE's?! My gawd! Kierkegaard was right about the possibilities, endless and exuberance. 

5. Shoes, lots of shoes. What, am I supposed to walk around barefoot? I know I'm a philosopher and all, but we're post-ancient, k! Our kind is no longer forced to walk around barefoot and cloaked in bedsheets. We've gone beyond that, we've left that cave and dawned on the echelons of zappos.com

6. Open a $avings account! JK, I already have one, but maybe I'll actually get to save now! Yay for Capitalism and 5-year financial planning!! :)

7. Move out of my parent's house. That, I feel, speaks for itself (oh the troubles of ordinary language). 

8. Floral headbands. THIS amazing woman makes THESE whimsical rose headbands. Before Obama's landslide win last night I was timid about committing to the $39 headpieces, but now my PayPal account and I are all in.