9 Things That Are Unequivocally Satisfying...


1. Burrito's. There's this place in  the grand city of San Jose named La Victoria Taqueria. It is the best place for burrito's apart from the taquerias located in a Chavez Market. I usually pick one up, lay on my living room floor, and devour it sweetly and methodically. The bean + rice combo in burritos are also a complete protein, so ya know, it's healthy or something. If I could eat one burrito a day, I would unequivocally satisfied.

2. Cuddling. Aristotle says that it is 'natural' and virtuous that humans seek out human connection. Whether you are the 'big spoon' or the 'little spoon', the warmth, safety and connection you feel while cuddling is incredibly satisfying. When you think of it, a lot of species besides humans cuddle, for example: lions, dogs, cats, koala bears, pandas, and even snakes. We like to connect and one of the most effective way of connecting with someone is through touch. It soothes the brain and makes you feel comforted. Which is why cuddling is uber satisfying. 

3. Sleep. Because I'm in my early twenties, I can live off 4-5 hours of sleep, and because I have Anxiety Disorder, I have a lot of sleepless nights. But, when I'm lucky enough to get 8-12 hours of sleep, I wake up feeling groggily satisfied. It's state of being where 10 more minutes of sleep seems as indulgent as gelato with whipped cream and where you lull between consciousness and a dream state. A state, like any other state, except it's unequivocally satisfying.

4. Validation. "OMGZ, you're sooo smart!" says the drunken girl next to me in the bar. Yeah, whatever, you haven't met everyone in the world yet. And what about animal intelligence, I'm pretty sure those furry/scaly dudes have some level of intelligence. Yeah, so talk to everyone of those people before you start slurring out about 'how smart I am.' But IRL, that was sweet of you to say, thanks for noticing, I feel validated and slightly self-conscious. Still satisfied.

5. Sex. duh! ....well once you're good at it. 

6. Playtime. Whether you're into hugging trees, playing the bass, thinking about identity and Godel Numbering, painting, grabbing Coors Light with your bros, or whatever, everyone needs an outlet and rest from selling our labor power to the Capitalist.

7. Working. I don't, necessarily, mean your typical 9-5 job. I mean engaging yourself in a project (a la Heidegger). Maybe you like to paint, play music, or write poetry; engaging in this kind of work on a daily basis, can be extremely satisfying. Whether you finish the painting/ project is irrelevant, the satisfaction comes in the process. 

8. Music. I think this is pretty self explanatory.  Music has been used and appreciated for centuries, why? Because it is unequivocally satisfying. My favorite band is Kolya, they came out with one album and one LP, then they disbanded. Swear, every time I listen to them, it moves me. LIke cosmic shift movements. 

9. Being Born. Re: 1-8 and I mean duh.