We formed Cafe Girls in 2010, thinking we would read/sing poetry over  acoustic rhythms. It soon developed into a full fledged duet with a songs of our own and an array of awesome covers. Still, we wanted Cafe Girls to go beyond us. We wanted to brand our awesomeness and toss it into the world. So we made films, we painted, we wrote poems, and we engaged in the world through projects.

Café Girls, in our opinion, are free women. They have abandoned the typical and are driven to continuously build themselves. More specifically, Café Girls is the frustrated and passionate creation of the meeting of two, bright-eyed and inquisitive feminists. A dialectic between two great friends who share music, philosophy, creativity and endless laughter. We know no bounds.

We represent women who like to sit and watch people and think lofty thoughts; we question everything. We represent the culmination of our collective philosophical training  and our collective experience of emotions. We represent a quiet yet powerful storm and we intend to serve as an evolution in the female artists. We are diverse and we have something to say. We own our emotions, intellect, and faults, and are not afraid to express them in any medium we choose. 





Writing has been a passion of mine since I was in middle school, when I wrote my first book. As I got older, I became increasingly attracted to disciplines with writing as a central component. Coupled with my interest in critical thinking, feminism and science, I decided to train, academically, to become a philosopher. My interest in public philosophy began in 2012, when I realized the need for analytic tools and discourse in our age of information overload. My hope is that Cafè Girls can be used as a platform for the promotion and development of public philosophy. 

I am currently focusing on building the Cafè Girls brand, freelance grant writing, and writing a science fiction novel with philosophical overtones. In my free time I like to cycle, hike, read Heidegger, write poetry, critique pop culture and garden.




Growing up, Jessica always had a propensity towards the guitar and Jazz music, often playing late into the night on her front porch or something. In 2010, she graduated with her B.A. in Philosophy from San Jose State University and began her journey towards total domination. After playing at local open mic's in the South Bay Area, Jessica felt the need to broaden her scope and moved to San Francisco. Currently, Jessica is working on a solo album.